RSVSR Tips: How to Level Up Quickly in Swords Of Legends Online

  • Swords Of Legends Online is a MMORPG which will be released soon in western regions and if you are a new player then first thing which you will need to do after you have pick your class and create your character will be to level up to maximum level! In today article I will show you how to level up fast in game

    Level Up Fast In Swords Of Legends Online

    The following are the different ways in which you can level up your character fast in Swords Of Legends Online:

    Main Story Missions

    Go through the main story missions and the side story missions. This will help you get to level 13 fairly quickly. There are some roadblocks in the game that will require you to level up and complete certain main missions so might as well get them out of the way. So when you see a quest icon, head over and complete the main or side mission.

    Stuck At Level 14?

    We recommend farming the Forest of Yemo dungeon in order to get gear and level up your character if you find yourself stuck at level 14 and are unable to continue with your progression.

    For the promotion to Student 1 you have to fill the XP bar again

    If you want to reach the max level student 1, you have to completely fill your XP list again at level 36 in order to get the promotion quest. Again, you have to use the various grind methods again as soon as you have completed the story quest at level 35.

    Again, the dungeon “Cool Wind” is recommended, as there is no new dungeon that is unlocked between level 22 and student 1.

    When lost, check out the cultivation tab

    Cultivation is the main focus of the xianxia (Chinese fantasy) genre, so it’s naturally an important part of Swords of Legends Online. For gameplay purposes, it effectively just refers to how strong your character is. The cultivation tab specifically (which can be found at the top left of the screen next to the map) directs you to new activities that will increase your strength — or just unlock new gameplay features.

    It’s often worth checking if anything new is available in the cultivation tab, since you’ll unlock rewards fairly frequently. Rewards are generally split into PvE (what you’ll be doing for the majority of leveling), PvP, and “PvX” (minigames and other leisure activities). If you’ve lost your way in the main story, or are unsure which side content to tackle next, then cultivation is usually the place to go.

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