After losing their jobs as a result of the pandemic a Galway co

  • A Galway couple who both lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic are now riding the crest of a wave – thanks to the opening of a swimming pool next to their family home that allows them to teach and coach swimmers.

    Luv2Swim is the brainchild of John and Shelly Newell, who have always had a passion for swimming. But it was the devastation of losing their jobs during the Covid scandal that spurred the idea to turn their hobby, which they named Luv2Swim, into a highly-specialized business.

    When they came up with the idea to build an endless swimming pool and start swimming lessons and swim video analysis in their own private facility, Fiberglass Swimming Pools three miles outside of Galway city in Carrowbrowne, they couldn't stop themselves.

    And while they have been forced to close due to Level 5 Lockdown for the time being, their single lane pool will reopen in the near future, providing a unique facility for adults and children in a safe, fun, and friendly environment.

    "Both of us had lost our jobs as a result of the pandemic, and while out walking with our daughters, I came up with the idea, which John immediately ran with, and the rest is history."According to Shelly, it marked the beginning of a family business venture.

    While on lockdown, however, John and Shelly became aware of a recurring problem they had heard about many times over the years – people's anxiety about entering an overcrowded, noisy, large pool environment. They decided to investigate further.

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