The Nintendo Switch will soon have a Car Factory Simulator Prod

  • An approach that is "plug and play"

    In order to build our assembly hubs for the Thames Water framework, we are utilizing existing facilities at our strategic partners. In addition to the one currently in operation at the Bridges Electrical yard, we have plans to establish similar strategic pre-assembly centers for all of our frame systems across the country. With our customers' Production Line we want to eliminate risk while simultaneously improving quality, saving time, and lowering costs.

    The "plug and play" approach to assembly is used during the onsite phase, which results in increased productivity and higher quality results overall. If intelligent asset management and standardised operations and maintenance are implemented, they will increase efficiencies even further while also providing real-time data that can be used to improve future projects in the Production Line.

    A project at Wolsingham Sewage Treatment Works for our customer Northumbrian Water was recently completed, during which we were able to improve the site layout and develop a manufacturing plan that included selecting all of the proposed subcontractors, thereby providing a complete solution for our customer's powder coating spraying production line through early engagement. We were able to save more than three months on the original projected plan duration because many of the components were built and tested offsite. This resulted in a significant reduction in costs for our customer, as well as a reduction in the risk we assumed for construction in a site environment.


    This is only the beginning of a new way of working that will open up significant opportunities for the sector in the future; a future that we must embrace and work towards.

    Motor production line, developed by Klabater and published by Positech Games, will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

    "Build the ultimate optimized, free-flowing car  while beating your competition and still turning a profit," according to the description of this car factory simulation game, which challenges you to "build the ultimate optimized, free-flowing car  while beating your competition and still turning a profit."

    In order to compete with the big multinationals, you will need to maximize efficiency, process management, and flow when designing your first modern factory. However, as you learn the ropes, it will be difficult to achieve profit, let alone break even, while churning out thousands of cars for the mass market.

    Planning, an understanding of future technology, keeping a close eye on your bottom line, and the ability to design a factory layout that makes the best use of available space in order to reduce production costs per car to the absolute bare minimum are all things you will need to do in order to gain market share from your competitors' products.

    Motor production line will be available for purchase on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch in all regions.