High-value items in New World

  • New World Coins are necessary for players to explore in the game. Whether players are maintaining and upgrading equipment, or buying materials needed to make items, or buying houses and paying taxes, New World Gold will come in handy.

    Players will be rewarded some Amazon New World Coins for completing town committee tasks, faction tasks, side tasks and main story tasks. If players encounter a situation where many New World Coins are urgently needed, they can choose to sell raw materials and self-made equipment at the trading station or buy Amazon New World Coins directly at IGGM.

    The prices of products at various regional trading stations are different. Some materials are not of high value and not recommended for players to sell, but some items are of high value and players can choose to sell to get New World Coins they need.

    Among them, the adventurer backpack is the more expensive item in the New World trading station. These bags not only can be sold for a good price but also can increase the weight of the player. Some special backpacks also provide additional benefits, such as reducing the weight of a particular item selection, or extra luck to find rare equipment or resources. If players only rely on holding runes, the cost of making high-value packages will be relatively high, but there are also many rewards and New World Coins from them.

    The value of gems is also very high, especially when cutting special gems. Players will get high-quality New World Coins. Players need particles and solvents to cut gems. The particles and solvents are got by players from collecting treasure chests and mining. In addition, the better the luck of the mining stone, the higher the value of the gems got. Players can increase their luck by buying New World Coins to increase the chance of obtaining rare gems.