How to improve the equipment rating of New World

  • In the later stage of the player’s exploration of New World, they will pursue the improvement of equipment ratings. New World equipment scoring function will reflect the player’s equipment capabilities. This is very important for players entering the ultimate game. Because when the player faces the final game war and the elite area, the player needs to use all means to make his equipment reach the optimal state. One of the fastest methods is to Buy New World Coins to upgrade equipment.

    600 points is the highest equipment rating in New World. After many player characters reach level 60, the equipment rating may still be around 500. Players need to work hard for the last 100 points.

    First, players need to understand the equipment rating watermark. Because each different armor type, equipment slot and weapon has its own equipment rating watermark. The higher the watermark, the better the equipment the player will drop after completing the mission. Players need to research constantly and spend RPG New World Coins to upgrade different armor, slots and weapons and equipment.

    The operating area comprises a wine named Myrkgard. Myrkgard is full of storage rooms and T5 elite treasure chests. Weapons and armors may be dropped here, and players need to cultivate them to get these watermarks, so that they may get epic versions of equipment. When the watermark becomes higher, the equipment rating will increase. In addition, the expedition provides players with many opportunities to loot equipment from various creatures and bosses. This is a quick way to get the New World watermark. However, the completion of the task depends on the player’s ability. Players can choose to buy New World Coins at IGGM to upgrade.

    In terms of equipment, if you want to get New World legendary weapons, players can spend New World Gold to make weapons such as Veilpiercer or Voidbent armor. For those players who are still level, they may not know very well. But once they enter the ultimate game, they will need to worry about equipment ratings. Because the equipment rating is the key to the success or failure of an elite area, adventure, or arena.