What are the latest fixes in Path of Exile: Scourge?

  • Path of Exile: Almost a week has passed since the official release of Scourge. Recently Grinding Gear Games released Path of Exile: Scourge patch 3.16.0b. Including some improvements to Scourge and some minor bug fixes.

    Path of Exile: Scourge provides players with an exciting new environment. However, many players find that there are still some problems in the game. This time the developers are actively fixing them in order to give players a better gaming experience. This repair reflects GGG’s sense of responsibility and increases players’ desire to POE Currency Buy.

    First, GGG has improved the Pollution Orb, which can randomly upgrade any damaged rare items to be unique. Another major improvement is that when players hover over an item, they can see the corrosion absorption progress bar displayed below the items stored in the blood crucible. This feature was once unique to the corrosion absorption meter. In this way, players can know the process of corruption more accurately, to consider whether they need to buy POE Currency to speed up its corrosion.

    This patch also contains some notable bug fixes. For example, when the Base Defense Percentile value is zero, the item filter will issue weapons and POE Orbs to players, and some map device options cannot open the map. In addition, there are also issues such as the fact that the player cannot get the dropped watch stone normally after defeating the conqueror.

    However, there are some minor issues that were not mentioned in this patch. But players don’t have to worry, GGG will improve Path of Exile: Scourge bit by bit. If players encounter problems such as upgrading equipment and arduous tasks in the game, players may wish to buy POE Currency to solve them directly, or they may choose to read the game guide compiled by other players to learn from their experience.