What is New World Shadewalker armor?

  • In the last game of New World, most players will buy New World Coins to get the Void Ore needed to make Voidbent armor. Although it is very suitable for tank players or those who like agility and strength, there are still many shortcomings for mage builds. And Shadewalker armor is the best choice for these players.

    Shadewalker armor is an armor set at the end of the game, which players with 185 armor can make. Players can gain power and maintain equipment and can even concentrate and sustain. If players want to maintain light armor status, they need to spend New World Gold to get modifiers with specific attributes, including 12 Constitution, 8 Intelligence, 12 Intellect, 8 Constitution, and 20 Intellect. In addition, this item set is suitable for light armor archer and musket players.

    Shadewalker armor provides gears ranging from 500 to 600 gearscore, depending on the material the player wants to cultivate. This New World armor set uses many different TierV materials, and players are upgraded with different equipment ratings according to the rarity of the items used by players and New World Coins they own. 

    If players are serious about making 600 gearscore version of armor, then they will need the best materials to complete the job. This includes Phoenixweave, Runic Leather, and Asmodeum, which will provide the highest equipment ratings. Players can buy New World Coins at IGGM to get these materials.