What is NBA 2K22 Close Shot?

  • NBA 2K22 is a paradise for basketball enthusiasts. Many players have Buy NBA 2K MT in order to improve the level of the team to get a strong player card. And the close-range shooting in NBA 2K22 is what many players want to know when creating the best rebirth structure for MyCareer.

    As the official description in the game, Close Shot is a Finishing attribute that helps determine players’ shooting ability when standing still 10 feet away from the basket. In addition, close shots help low hooks and are used to determine the ability to make stand-up air relays and layup attempts. As far as Next Gen’s attribute requirements are concerned, having a good close-range shooting level will affect the ability to build badges for Fast Twitch, Giant Slayer, Grace Under Pressure, Hook Specialist, Mouse in the House, Pro Touch, and Putback Boss.

    In NBA 2K22, players know it is really easy for bigs to score inside this year. Especially when combined with the rear shooter dagger and the rear scorer takeover, the hook shot is almost unstoppable. So players can use NBA 2K22 MT to get player cards with height advantage.

    Thanks to NBA2KLab, they tested the attributes. The higher the player’s Close Shot, the lower the average game level. In addition, unlike last year, in NBA 2K22, increasing Close Shot will indeed increase the average game level.

    Ultimately, Big Man builds should have a Close Shot rating of at least 75, and it is ideal to exceed this rating. So players have to think of ways to improve ratings, such as spending NBA 2k22 MT to form an excellent team to take part in the game.

    Players have a lot of skills to improve the hit rate of Close Shot, but they have to go through continuous practice and master enough experience. Players can also buy NBA 2K22 MT at GameMS, which can also help players improve the team’s overall game level.