Don't leave planning until the last minute.


    The project was so important that Jo decided that she would lead the design team and work full time. However, her co-founder decided to leave Morrama shortly after. Therefore, she will take on the additional responsibility of managing backend operations and planning future growth.I was left to be the managing director. creative director and project director

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    while still trying to hire three employees who just started working for me,” Jo said. But my main goal is to get the project working properly and deliver what we intend to deliver.But she spent so much time on the project at hand that she neglected another important role of the CEO role. That is to receive a new order for the company.

    The company has been in business for about sixteen months and people are saying, 'Wow, business looks booming,' but all the success of the business comes from one project. And then the project was over.After that, you won't get paid. And there's nothing for the designer to do. I completely forgot what happened next. We have two and a half months left before we run out of money. And that will be the end of Morama.

    Jo BarnardJo used most of the company's remaining cash to hire a new studio manager to help her build her new business. And the company has two more projects. She said the episode has taught her important lessons about the role of CEO.What needs to happen is to make sure every potential lead that comes in is carefully nourished. and get yourself out there to create new leads.