Elon Musk's Boring Has Initially agreed to expand the Loop und


    Elon Musk's Boring Company was initially approved Wednesday to build a transport system that will transport passengers in Tesla cars through a network of tunnels under Las Vegas.The approval by Clark County officials of a special use license and franchise agreement will allow Boring Company to extend the Vegas Loop system beyond the current 1.7 miles connecting

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    the Las Vegas Convention Center campus to Route 29. Miles along 51 stations will include stops at casinos along the Las Vegas Strip, the city's football stadium, and UNLV, eventually reaching the McCarran Las Vegas Review-Journal International Airport. Be the first to report approval The Boring Company has said it will pay for the tunnel, a point Clark County officials reiterated on Wednesday in a deal with Clark County.

    The franchise agreement will last for 50 years.Even though the project has passed an important stage but still haven't reached an agreement This special use permit allows The Boring Company to obtain land use and construction permits for individual stations and tunnels. Boring companies will have to obtain a separate franchise agreement approved by the City of Las Vegas.