Walgreens will ship Wing drones in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


    Alphabet announced today that Walgreens is partnering with Wing to bring drone deliveries to part of the Dallas-Forth Worth region of Texas. The drugstore giant will be the first to take advantage of the new rapid drone deployment system revealed by Alphabet's subsidies.

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    In the lead up to this week's announcement, Wing conducted a drone flight test at the Hillwoods AllianceTexas Flight Test Center in Fort Worth. in the next few weeks It will begin test flights in Frisco and Little Elm in the surrounding region. More commercial expansions are expected in the coming months.

    Alphabet has been testing the system in Australia for some time. And it has been operating a small freight forwarder in Christiansburg, Virginia, since 2019. The company says it has worked with the FAA to begin expanding into more densely populated areas, a representative told TechCrunch:

    In this first use The drones will fly out of the Walgreens parking lot, a system that effectively uses the drone's containers as a hangar. Can be installed on the roof or beside the building “Until now This type of service in the United States is limited to small cities. The land use is not crowded and complicated,” Alphabet said in the release.