Is Internet Addiction a Growing Problem?


    Cam Adair finally realized that video game addiction was out of control. when it made him think of ending his life I've been fighting it for 10 years,” he said. “I dropped out of high school. never attended college and pretending to have a job to deceive my family I finally wrote my farewell letter. And that night I knew I needed help. I am 3,860 days free from game addiction.

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    Adair, 32, a Canadian, has become the founder of Game Quitters, an online support group for people with gaming addiction. It currently has more than 75,000 members worldwide.Although many would argue that it is not as serious as alcoholism or drug addiction. But it can also make the patient feel exhausted. and Dr Andrew Doon,

    a neuroscientist and digital addiction specialist. Agree that lockdowns exacerbate the problem.Life stress leads to behavioral cravings and escape mechanisms," he said. And a convenient way to escape is to use digital media for entertainment such as games and social media.Overuse to escape stress is a risk factor for developing addictive behaviors.