The all-electric Range Rover will come in 2024.


    Land Rover plans to add an all-electric Range Rover to its lineup by 2024, the brand said on Tuesday.The announcement coincides with the launch of the Range Rover 2022, a redesigned fifth-generation luxury SUV packed with technology. It has an electrical architecture to support over-the-air software updates and is based on a new flexible

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    architecture that will be The basis of the brand's future models This includes plug-in hybrid and electric versions.Land Rover hasn't revealed many details about its upcoming EV, although Jaguar Land Rover is closely watching the parent company, Jaguar Land Rover could see this coming, JLR said in 2017. that all new vehicles from the Jaguar and Land

    Rover brands will offer electric or hybrid options from 2020 onwards.Range Rover 2022 will be presented in a soft hybrid version. And a plug-in hybrid version of the new Range Rover will debut in 2023, according to Land Rover.The extended plug-in hybrid for 2023 will be equipped with a 48-volt inline six-cylinder engine with soft hybrid technology,

    a 105 kW electric motor and a 38.2 kWh lithium-ion battery with capacity. 31.8 kWh . This combo will provide 62 miles of pure EV range and 434 horsepower. For the 2022 Range Rover, the new SUV will be available in both standard and long-wheelbase configurations. Six- and eight-cylinder powertrains and seat options