California vultures hatch chicks from unfertilized eggs.


    Condor-dudes are not required. This is the first example of asexual reproduction in endangered birds.California vultures, a critically endangered bird, have figured out how to create unusual chicks. Conservation scientists with the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance have made an astonishing discovery that two condors in a breeding program hatch chicks from unfertilized eggs.

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    This means that those babies do not have a father.

    What's even more surprising is that The vulture lives with a man. Parthenogenesis Asexual reproduction (asexual reproduction) is extremely rare in birds and is more common in turkeys and chickens. Among the unmarried female birds The vulture discovery was made during routine analyzes and was confirmed by genetic testing.

    The presence of a small number of California vultures means that researchers have collected the birds' genetic data and were able to distinguish males from fathers.The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance said chicks represent the first two confirmed cases of asexual reproduction in a California vulture species. The research team

    published their findings in the Journal of Heredity this week.In a statement on Thursday, study co-author Oliver Ryder called it "the most important thing in the world." "A truly amazing discovery. We are not looking for evidence of birth. Certainly parthenogenesis, but it just hits our faces.