VSC wants to craft the stories of startups, then invest in them


    VSC, a PR firm that helps startups like ClearCo, Poshmark and Tile build their stories. have raised millions to invest in the companies they work for. While the larger fund is expected to close at $20 million, VSC confirmed it has raised $7 million for climate tech startups to start.

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    VSC Ventures will support the company in its initial phase with a check between $250,000 and $500,000, and will also provide media relations and multimedia content development services. The joint venture will be run by VSC CEO Vijay Chattha and general partner Jay Kapoor, who was recently hired by VSC based on his six years of investing experience.

    For VSC, which helps startups backed by 500 venture capitalists through 50 exits, 20 unicorns, and 4 IPOs, the argument for the venture arm is that noise cancellation can help people. get the desired point The focus in VSC Ventures' first climate launch has to do with the competitive advantage of knowing a thing or two about storytelling.

    Climb, also announced today, is also a devoted VSC practice. to create awareness and action on startups that focus on sustainability The pair think that while all the big VC funds are starting to invest in the tricky and complex climate world, Startups need help explaining why their solutions make sense.