BlackMatter ransomware gang says it is shutting down due to pre



    BlackMatter's ransom operation, which began earlier this year. After the collapse of the DarkSide ransomware gang, it was allegedly shut down due to "Official pressure"The group announced its plans to shut down in a message posted on the portal. ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), which other criminal groups often register to access the BlackMatter ransomware variants,

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    messages received from members of the group vx-underground infosec translates to: "Due to irreparable circumstances involving pressure from officials (Part of the team is no longer available after the latest news) - The project is closed.After 48 hours, all infrastructure will be shut down, enabling — sending emails to companies. for further communication get a decryptor for this writing 'Provide a decryptor' in the company chat,

    if necessary. We wish you success. We are happy to work.It's not clear what "latest news" means, although the statement follows a recent New York Times report declaring the United States. And Russia has begun to cooperate more closely to crack down on cybercriminal organizations in Russia. It also comes after the CISA,

    FBI and NSA published warnings suggesting that the BlackMatter ransomware group had targeted "multiple" organizations considering critical infrastructure. This includes two organizations in the US food and agriculture sector. The guide provides information on strategies, techniques, and procedures (TTP) associated with ransomware gangs.