When the dungeon had been completed

  • Be aware that I had no experience with WoWRP. I had made this clear in WOW TBC Gold guild chat. However the person who invited me said that it was fine and that they could show me how to go about it.

    The individual spent two days teaching me RP and the basic lore aspects. The person who taught me prompted me to improve my character to the point where I could perform more efficiently (By transmogsand other methods).

    This person taught me a lot about a part of the game I was unfamiliar with and is basically the reason that I'm here now.

    In retrospect, I see that the guild to which was part of wasn't ideal for roleplay.

    The general manager was a drama queen. God-emoting was not uncommon, and the tales were very engaging and interesting.

    But they were kind, genuine, understood I was a newbie and helped me out every step of the way.

    This was seven years ago. The guild is no longer operating, and I'm upfront to say I don't remember the names of its members. ).

    After getting into playing, I tried to become a GM in my personal RP guild. It lasted around three months and wasn't too bad. I have the guild on an alt.

    I was still an absolute beginner in the game. A poor DPS I was barely keeping track of stats, didn't play wowhead or anything else.

    I was clearly not happy with the rest of the group with the exception of one warlock.

    When the dungeon had been completed she sent me an invitation to her party and then ushered me in her Garrisson.

    After that, patiently and calmly, she gave me all the information she could and explained the statistics so I could find them.

    I was told good rotations and everything else.

    She had no reason to make this decision. She was from a different realm. I was already a member of a guild. I was not in a position to ask her to assist me. But she still took the time to share tips with me and help me grow. She taught me the basics of Warlocking and gave me some advice regarding how to play an Warlock.

    I'm not able to recall her name at all. Since then, I've never seen cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold her again. I remained loyal to her patience and kindness. It makes me smile