There's no way to estimate hundreds of millions

  • It's hard to want to join SoM because it will most likely have WOW TBC Gold a player base that p servers do not. On the other hand, it's just a money-making experience. It's nothing more to tweaking some values for the purpose of making the game more difficult. It can make it less fun. The scarcity of loot could be irritating and it could be frustrating with the timeline. There are no world buffs, which is great although people were calling for this prior to the time the term "classic" was even a thing! This is the way to go!

    Well, new instances and all of it is basically well, retail. You're basically making an "alternate timeline" by adding content in the classic universe that's not in retail. ....I can understand rule modifications, etc. But adding bgs/areas, etc. is expanding into retail territory ....

    Some people who believe that classic+ will be too expensive do not know the true cost. One commenter suggested that it might cost hundreds or even millions. Are you kidding? They have a reliable platform for traditional. It already contains a lot of content because it's the standard WoW. It's going to cost just hundreds of millions of dollars to add the new zone, classes changes, and a world boss. The classic game from Blizzard was a huge commercial success. You can see the massive server problems at launch and the twitch numbers. Seasons of mastery will not be able to draw many new players into WoW. However, I am convinced that classic+ could. Old style RuneScape continues to attract new players today. It's also an old game, but since they update it, players aren't feeling like they're wasting their time.

    There's no way to estimate hundreds of millions of dollars for classic+. It's enough to create tier sets that match to meta specifications. Making new items available to bosses isn't a lot of work. A new raid is a lot more expensive, however one that I would like to witness. I'll always be doubtful about any new instances, but I'm fairly optimistic about new level sets coming in the upcoming seasons.

    I think it's important to remember that we don't know the full extent of the changes yet and that it's likely going be minor changes during the first season. They're pushing the limits each season, and cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold I'm certain. Perhaps this season isn’t enough for you. To me, it's. However, I still long for more updates to the raid scene's meta and pvp system.